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UniWigs Trendy 2019 January New Arrivals release!


@hairspray_studio offers the name "STARDUST" and @miggsphx78 offers the name "Creme Brulee".

They can winn free wigs!

UniWigs Trendy 2019 January New Arrivals release!


by @hairspray_studio

STARDUST: when first saw it, I thought it was the “star” wig I already own. But then realized this wig had a more rich grey color and ashier tone. (Star) for the relationship to your other grey wig, (Dust) for the ash tone that makes this wig different.

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2018 UniWigs Trendy Semi Annual New Arrival

Creme Brulee

by @miggsphx78

Creme Brulee - a creamy golden curl with dark brown roots reminiscent of the iconic toasted sugar topping. is she really sweet or is she just playing sweet on your screen? You'll have to try her on to find out.

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