Calling all hair lovers! If you are an influencer, a hairstylist, a makeup artist or a beauty & fashion content creator on social media, the UniWigs Affiliate Program might be for you! This program is completely free to join. We strive to help our affiliates grow with us, so you can create revenue or save money by sharing what UniWigs has to offer with others.

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All customer opinions matter. New customers always want to hear from other customers about their experiences and opinions. So, your personal reviews, videos, photos and even blogs are vital to so many! Your insight and experiences are encouraging and helpful to all viewers interested in starting a brand-new life.


  • Exclusive coupon code to share with your followers and earn rewards
  • 5% - 10% commission for every qualified sale* made via your referral link or code

    *Qualified sale = a sale that was not returned or fraudulently purchased, and that was purchased with a processed valid payment

  • Free in-stock products of your choice, twice a year for your content creation
  • Opportunity to get featured on UniWigs website and our social media
  • Opportunity for further sponsorships and partnerships


  • Active on several social media platforms
  • Have at least one social with:

    Instagram: 3,000 + followers YouTube: 1,000+ subscribers

    TikTok: 1000+ followers Blog: 2,000+ views on your blogs

  • Your content will be hair, fashion or beauty related
  • You'll follow UniWigs social media channels (essential!)
  • Bonus points if:

    ·You have experience with wigs, hair toppers, hair systems or hair extensions

    ·You have thin hair or hair loss, and you would like to create content about it


  • To post at least 1 piece of UniWigs exclusive content on social media every month
  • Include all the product info, your referral link, and your exclusive code in the post if your content is for YouTube
  • Please tag and @ uniwigs related accounts in your Instagram posts

    UniWigs Instagram accounts: @uniwigs @uniwigs.helphair @uniwigs.humanhair @UniWigs.menhairsystems

  • The content should be positive and encouraging. Please do not include any vulgar or sensitive words in the content
  • All content should be emailed to [email protected] once you have posted
  • Complimentary content creation product selection is limited to availability
  • Any affiliate code posted on to a third-party coupon site will void the code and eligibility for commission payment


Chance to get free hair samples

Exclusive coupon code

Get featured on UniWigs website and social media

Get paid to refer clients by earning commission on purchases made with your affiliate link or exclusive coupon code.

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