Custom Product Policy

While we are seeking every way to develop more new products and colors, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all the needs of our customers. Hence we have created our customization service based on the strong support from our designers and the manufacturers we work with. Please View our custom product policy before placing a custom order.

Cancel Policy 

There is no extra fee for cancellations on custom orders placed within 24 hours.

It will incur a 50% handling fee for the cancellation on orders placed within 7days.

The order is non-refundable for cancellation once the order is placed over 7days.


1. We have no discounts for a new custom order.

2. We offer a 15% discount for the second custom order if it is the exact same product with the first order.

3. We offer a 20% discount for the third custom order if it is the exact same product with the previous two orders. 

4. If the product you customize from us is adopted as our new product, you will get 1,500 loyalty points. (Click here for our Loyalty Points Policy)

5. All custom prices are valid for the current year only.

Return & Exchange 

Custom orders are NOT available for any exchange or return.

About color difference

If you customize your color according to photo only, it must be noted that on-screen monitor calibrations may give an imprecise color representation, and true color accuracy may be affected.

  • 70%-80% color similarity can be promised if we customize the color based on your reference photos.
  • Additionally, when providing a hair sample, the less that is provided, the more inaccurate the color is likely to be.
  • If you send us a sample with enough hair as a reference, we will try our best to make the color 80%-90% similar to your color.
  • Please be kind to understand that 100% color accuracy is impossible for us.
  • Finally, please pay special attention that when customizing a curly hair product, the color shades will 100% get altered due to the high heat-coloring process.

About Texture difference

We can customize different textures for you based on the photos or your samples. However, please understand that we cannot promise 100% accuracy. Here is all the important information before you do a custom order.

  • 70%-80% texture similarity can be promised if we customize the texture based on your reference photos.
  • We do the waves/curls by hand. Different people make different waves/curls of the same product.
  • Even if the same person adds waves/curls to the same product, there will be differences in different batches.
  • Different temperatures we use can cause large differences in waves/curls patterns.
  • Wavy /curly hair will be deformed over time. Please try to lay flat instead of hanging.
  • There will be a big difference before and after you comb through the waves/curls.
  • Doing waves/curls on the hair can damage hair and cause color changes.
  • We do not recommend you do waves/curls on light-colored hair.

Please make sure you know all the important information before you place a custom order. We will do our best to make the products that you are expecting.


UniWigs reserves the right at our discretion to make changes to these policies. Please check this page periodically for updates.


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