Get to Know Semi-finished Wigs

Want different hair styles every now and then? Do you want to style your hair as you like without worrying damage to your own hair? Are you looking for a top quality hair wig which can be styled many times by coloring, curling or styling? UniWigs Semi-finished Wigs are the best choice for you!

Always Virgin Human Hair

UniWigs semi-finished wigs are made with superior virgin remy human hair, which is collected from the donors in temples. All hair is traceable. The cuticles of the hair remain same direction, which maintains the smooth, silky appearance of the hair for the greatest amount of time.

The most natural colors

Meanwhile, during the process of making wigs, the hair has not been chemically treated in any way; this keeps the cuticle of the hair intact (chemical processing damages the cuticle) making the hair smoother in appearance. The colors of these semi-finished wigs come into being naturally by applying oxidation to the hair, thus when the melanin of the original was removed, color generates automatically.

Style the wig just as you like

Leaving the wig styled by your stylist, you are free to go ahead as your schedule instead of sitting and waiting for several hours until the hairstyle was done. You only need to go back to the salon and get the ready-to-wear wig with the style you want. Time saving, right? Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the damage to your natural hair or even to your health while you restyle the wig many times!

In addition, you will get professional services like wearing, restyling, dyeing and repairing the wigs you bought from UniWigs in our franchised salons!
You name it, we have it!

The following are our 7 styles of semi-finished wigs and what style they can be made into.

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