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Remy hair refers to the characteristics in a collection of un-damaged, healthy hair thus it is shinier, softer, and has a longer lifespan than non-Remy hair. With remy human hair, you can re-style your wig just like your own natural hair, perm it, dye it, etc.

ailsa-synthetic-clip-ponytail ailsa-synthetic-clip-ponytail ailsa-synthetic-clip-ponytail ailsa-synthetic-clip-ponytail

Ailsa Synthetic Clip Ponytail

SKU: P14001B
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Our Price : $19.89

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Update your hairstyle with this fasion short curly style that securely attaches with a claw clip to transform a dull hair style into a fabulous look!

Fiber Synthetic
Cap Size Average
Cap Construction Claw clip/drawstring
Approx. Length 5.5"
WEIGHT(oz) 2.4

Total Price: $19.89

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Clip it on for instant length, volume and texture. Flirty and fun, this classic, natural-looking, short curly ponytail clips on to your own hair for an instant makeover. 

These beautiful clip-on ponytails attach in only seconds to your own hair with a hidden built-in clip for a look that's absolutely drop dead gorgeous.


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Wear and care instructions

How to apply clip in hair extensions

step 1

Make a U part on your back head that spans from ear to ear. Snap open each clip on one of your wefts.

step 2

Place the clips along the line and snap shut. Make sure it’s secure.

step 3

Add another weft following step 2. Continue to add wefts until the desired style is achieved.

step 4

Or you can add in wefts from the top (around the top of the ear) and work your way down.

step 5

Once the back is finished, you may use the single clip pieces to fill in the sides.

How to Apply Flip in Hair Extensions

step 1

Put the extensions on your head to make it fit your head size.

step 2

Fasten the wire with a knot for the perfect fit and make sure the extensions will never slide aside.

step 3

Cut off the extra wire to make the wire invisible to others when applied to your head.

step 4

Place flip-in hair extension with the wire sitting behind the line. Gently push down to fit over the ears and sit at the base of the skull.

step 5

Either split the hair around the ears or leave over the top as pictured.

step 6

Use the tail comb provided to pull your own hair over flip in hair extension.

How to apply lace closure and weft hair extensions

step 1

Eye mark the area where you wish to palce. Divede your hair vertically tocreate a naturalpart line and proceed to neatly comrow your hair to your comfor.

step 2

Place it on the head and sew-in/glue tightly along the weaving wedge and then around the lace surronding to the pad to complete the look.Lastly,cut off any excess lace.

step 3

Weave it up to the pre-detemined invisible part area.

step 4

Finished Look.Now with a natural hair part, you can style the hair any way you desire.

How To Care Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces

How to wash
  • Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles from your hair products. Always use a mild shampoo or one specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.
  • Run the hair under warm (not hot) water. Gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the top to the ends. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair.
  • When clean, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsing could result in damage.
  • Just like your own hair, human hair products need to be conditioned after shampooing to maintain a healthy shine and promote styling ease. Place a small amount of conditioner in your hand. Gently work into the hair and let sit for three to five minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Gently towel blot to remove excess water.
  • While wet, gently comb the hair to remove tangles. Using a large toothed comb, move in a downward motion away from the clips and to the ends. Do not use a bristle brush on wet hair as it may pull out or break the hair.
  • Hang to air dry, set in rollers, or use a blow dryer on a low setting, as desired. Your human hair products will not require washing as often as your own hair, wash only when they start to look dull and lifeless.
How to style
  • Steam rollers and/or wet setting are the safest way to curl your human hair products
  • Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools may be used on low settings. Remember, the hair may scorch if the setting is too high.
  • For cutting, or any chemical processes such as perming or coloring, take the hair products to a professional stylist.
How to maintain
  • Always brush your hair products gently with a soft bristle brush before and after use.
  • The Hair should be washed every 10-20 wears or when there is too much build-up of products and they become unmanageable or difficult to style.
  • Wash in lukewarm water, then apply a small amount of shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo and apply a conditioner. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry.
  • Always use a heat-protecting spray when using hot tools such as flat irons and curling irons.
  • Store your hair products in a safe place away from jealous women who would be tempted to steal them.

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