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Remy hair refers to the characteristics in a collection of un-damaged, healthy hair thus it is shinier, softer, and has a longer lifespan than non-Remy hair. With remy human hair, you can re-style your wig just like your own natural hair, perm it, dye it, etc.

22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207

22" 8 Pieces Body Wave Clip In Virgin Remy Human Hair Extension E82207

Indian Remy Human Hair

SKU: E82207
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Our Price : $172.89

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The Uniwigs clip-in hair extensions are made from the finest quality materials, using premium quality Remy cuticle hair. Consists of eight weft pieces, available in a range of colors.


Fiber: 100% Virgin Human Hair

Approx. Length: 22"

Color Shown: G-P8/24

Texture: Body Wave

Weight: 3.50 oz

Each Set Includes: 4 pieces - 1.5" wide, 2 pieces - 4" wide, 1 piece - 6" wide, 1 piece - 8" wide.


Total Price: $172.89

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22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207 22-8-piece-body-wave-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extension-e82207
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BASIC info


Clip-in hair extensions are a simple do it yourself technique that anyone can do. It can make your hair look longer and thicker hair in a snap. Uniwigs Remy human hair is one hundred percent human and arranged so as to have all the hairs and roots lined up in the correct direction just as they were the were the natural hairs on your head. The advantage of this hair is that it can last longer, stay healthier, stay shiny looking for longer and generally tangles up signifiantly less than other hair types.

Each set consists of eight 22" long pieces in varying weft widths: 4 pieces - 1.5" wide, 2 pieces - 4" wide, 1 piece - 6" wide, 1 piece - 8" wide. 
Please Note: Human Hair extensions have been previously treated and chemically processed. It is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the human hair extensions, we recommend a lighter color and using semi permanent color only.


Fiber: Virgin Remy Human Hair

Each Set Includes: 4 pieces - 1.5" wide, 2 pieces - 4" wide, 1 piece - 6" wide, 1 piece - 8" wide.

Approx. Length: 22"

Color Shown: G-P8/24

Weight: 3.50 oz


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how to care for human hair wigs

how to adjust the cap

How to wear a hairnet

  • 1. Put your hands inside the hairnet and widen it by pulling your hands apart. Then wrap the hairnet around your neck through your head.

  • 2. Put the hemmed edges of the hairnet adown, and move your hand to pull the other side upward untill all your hair is hidden.

  • 3. Adjust the hemmed edge to your hairline. Put your hand inside the hairnet to knead your hair evenly. Place some bobby pins on the back side of your head to firm the hairnet. Pay attention not to put the bobby pins on the top of your head.

  • 4. You'd better put more bobby pins around your hairline to firm hairnet. After the steps above, you will finish wearing a hairnet.

How to wear a wig

  • 1. Before wearing the short wig, you can comb it from top to bottom. For wavy wig, you can just shake it left and right several times.

  • 2. According to different head circumference, we use adjustable straps to accommodate your head snugly. There are several holes between adjustable strap buckles. After adjusting your size, you can see two salients on each side of your wig. Then adjust the two salients to match your sidebums, otherwise, the wig is not put in a right way. As a result, you can not find the bang.

  • 3. Wear the wig and spray some water or wig treatment on it, then comb the short hair or make the curly hair the desired effect by yourself. The bang is very important, comb it carefully: for the neat bang, use hand or comb to scatter it for getting the fluffy and natural effect; for the inclined bang, comb it and apart it on the eyebow position according to your fondness.


  • 1.Please comb the wig (especially the curly wig) with steel comb from top to bottom carefully.
  • 2.You’d better use cold water if you do not know the temperature well. Mix up the wig special care solution and cold water in the rate of 1:10, and then soak the combed wig in the mixture for 15 minutes.
  • 3.After about 15 minutes, scratch the hairline with the mixture and then comb it. wash the wig several times with the clean water, use towel to suck the water but do not wring it. The wig should be air-dried in the shade place but not be exposed under the sun or using the hair drier.
  • 4.When the wig is almost dry, shake it and use wig special care solution for the maintainance.


  • 1.Please buy and use our cost efficient bracket.
  • 2.Put the wig on the bracket and then cover the black net (which is in the pocket when you bought the wig) on.
  • 3.Finally cover a plastic bag on the net to avoid the dust. Store it in an aeration-drying place for the better maintainance.

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