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Feel cool & look cool!!

How many of you are thinking about staying fabulous and cool while wearing a wig? We know most wigs are too hot to wear for summer, so what are your solutions to beat this summer heat without stay away from wigs? None? Come to Uniwigs for ideas then!

Remember this: Wearing wigs in the summer don't have to be a burden if you choose the right wigs. Uniwigs exclusive summer page displays our best lightweight wigs and capless wigs - all prove to be winning styles. You will look and feel cooler with these elaborately chosen ventilated synthetic wigs which are constructed to be similar to natural hair and lightweight for your comfort.

Uniwigs Capless & Lightweight wigs

A capless wig means the wig is not constructed with a closed solid base and a wig with a capless construction has what is called 'open-wefting', which is a machine-made cap construction that consists of open spaced wefts of hair that are held together with vertical lace strips. Since there's no "cap" in a capless wig, the open-wefts allow air to go in and out making it super cool to wear.

Uniwigs Hair Extensions

Wearing Hair Extensions is another way to stay cool and look fabulous at the same time for you.
From curly to straight, ponytails to falls, from 100% human hair to easy-to-care synthetics and blends...we've got the looks you're looking for. Whatever you decide upon, just remember that uniwigs.com has the right option for all!

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